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We are a research unit of RIKEN's Center for Life Science Technologies in the Division of Genomics Technologies. We are located on the Yokohama campus. It is in the Tsurumi ward, a multicultural place that is also the home of the Sôji-ji, one of the head temples of Sôzô Zen. Near RIKEN, there is also a swimming pool.

You can learn more about life at RIKEN and in Japan on the community page of RIKEN's website. French researchers may also find useful information via the Sciencescope association, and European researchers may be interested in the Euraxess Japan page.

We use the CAGE methodology and in particular its variant for small samples nanoCAGE. To analyse the digital expression profiles produced by CAGE, we are often using TagDust, Paraclu, edgeR or DESeq, and vegan. These tools run on Unix systems, for instance the Debian operating system and in particular its Blend Debian Med. The Zenbu genome browser is particularly adapted for visualising CAGE libraries. Find our source code on GitHub.

We are supported by RIKEN and the Japanese Ministry Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Sciences (JSPS) and the Mitsubishi Foundation.

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