Unit closed on March 31st 2018.


As part of RIKEN's reorganisation that took effect on April 1st, 2018, the Genomics Miniaturisation Technology Unit was dissolved.

Welcome to Simon Besson-Girard

We are happy to welcome Simon Besson-Girard, a student of the University of Lyon, France, who visits us to analyse our single-cell data.

C1 CAGE released.

Today, our single-cell CAGE protocol for the Fluidigm C1 system was released on the maker's ScriptHub page. Of course, we also plan to release this work as a peer-reviewed article later. A pilot analysis of preview data is also available on GitHub.

Posters presented at the Single Cell Genomics conference 2015.

At the Single Cell Genomics conference that took place in Utrecht from September 16 to 18, Michael Böttcher and Mickaël Mendez presented our work on Single-cell transcriptomes of fluorescent, ubiquitination-based cell cycle indicator cells and Cell-cycle classification at the single-cell level with Random Forest respectively. Here is a link to the abstract book in PDF format (posters P008 and P058). These works are related to the data that we released in DDBJ, GitHub and Dryad recently.

Single-cell cell cycle metadata released on GitHub

In order to classify single-cell transcriptomes by cell cycle phases, we produced a reference data set comprising more than 200 single-cell RNA-seq libraries, together with cell cycle information for each cell. While our analysis is ongoing, we are releasing prior publication some documentation on this data on GitHub. Pull requests are welcome !

Welcome to Iris Bian

We are happy to welcome Iris Bian, a student of the University of Toronto, Canada, who visits us to explore the Nanpore technology with us.

Welcome to Elo Madissoon

We are happy to welcome Elo Madissoon, a Ph. D. student of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, who visits us to analyse single cells transcriptomes.

Welcome to Marjan Biocanin

We are happy to welcome Marjan Biocanin, from the University of Belgrade, who joins us as intern to study single cells transcriptomics.

祝論文掲載! 私たちの同僚が「Zenbuブラウザ」を発表しました!

「昨晩、Zenbu全部ブラウザに関する論文が『Nature Biotechnology』に掲 載されました。著者の皆さまおめでとうございます! ZenbuはCAGEデータを表示する上で最も優れたブラウザで、私たちも大いに活用しています。例えば、 過去に発表した論文と現在改訂中の論文に用いた以下の2つの画像もZenbuブラウザからの画像です。」

Template-Switching with Locked Nucleic Acids Exploring the non-Coding Transcriptome with CAGEscan

Welcome to Lucie Pougnault

We are happy to welcome Lucie Pougnault, who joins us as visiting student to train herself on the transcriptomics of single cells.

Welcome to Ophélie Arnaud

We are happy to welcome Ophélie Arnaud, who joins us as post-doctoral researcher to study the transcriptome of single cells.


We are happy to welcome Dennis Grishin, a student from the university of Freiburg, who is joining us until February 2014 to work on microfluidics devices for single-cell transcriptomics.