Template switching

Template switching (TS) is the method that we use to add linkers at the 5′ end of our nanoCAGE libraries.

Here is a quick bibliographic timeline (work in progress).


  • Clontech patent from Alex Chenchik, York Zhu, Luda Diatchenko and Paul Siebert (Methods and compositions for full-length cDNA Cloning using a template-switching oligonucleotide, US 5962272 A).


  • Book chapter from Chenchik et al., cited in other manuscripts, but unfortunately not available online.


  • Matz et al. apply TS to RACE-PCR and introduce step-out PCR to reduce noise caused by the TS oligonucleotide being used as a reverse-transcription primer.


  • Zhu et al., apply TS to the construction of full-length cDNA libraries.


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